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You rebel you, I can tell we are going to be friends.


About Me

I am a fella creative. I love writing and tinkering with websites.  I am a marketing, public relations, and communications professional by day. “Spin” is the only dirty word I will not use.

I heart storytelling (aka branding). I have a passion for value-based communication and colorful writing. I find impeccable design delicious.

I wasn’t always in the creative profession. I actually started my career in organizational development, learning, and performance. I’m grateful for that foundation. Transitioning from that field to my current creative one grounded me in a philosophy that words, images, and relationships can inspire change and transform behaviors.

Creative projects are transformative. Songs, books, movies, blogs, etc. – they change the world. They can even transform people. From the art of Keith Herring to the music of Billie Holiday, there are countless examples. Art and the act of creating changed mine.

Writing a book? Launching a business? Directing a film? Starting a blog? You need to think about your personal brand and how you tell your story. Your art is powerful. You are powerful.

So are you ready to create?


I believe that words shape reality.

I am mom to an energetic five-year-old and one-year-old. They’re both girls. It is my favorite role. They make me laugh every day. My five-year-old, Sierra,  thinks I’m (her words) “da-bomb-dot-com.”

If you are not sure of the power of words and story, then spend time with kids. I know every time Sierra calls me “da-bomb-dot-com,” I walk a little taller (and some days, I start to believe it!)  You will quickly see that positive, kind words create positive, kind people. Words are powerful and can help you design the life you love.

A little more about me… I recently moved to the beach. I enjoy volunteering for the Junior League. I have a collection of scarves. Fruity Pebbles is my favorite cereal. Mayo makes my stomach churn. And in my free time, I enjoy hiking with my daughter and my talented artist husband.

Finally, I believe a good belly laugh can heal many ailments. Did you hear the one where a pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants?

“Every day is an opportunity to redesign your life… to create something new. Why not design the life you love.”


Silly Peg facts…

I love owls.

I experience my favorite sound while driving on the interstate in the rain. It is that moment of silence when you ride under a bridge.

One of my goals is to become a minimalist. I am making minimal progress.

I believe that Tim Gunn is my spirit guide. All day long he sits on my shoulder and says, “Make it work.”

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Not only is my design responsive, I am too!

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