Breakthrough Besties FAQs

How am I matched with my breakthrough bestie? What is creative matchmaking?

Creative matchmaking is part science (understanding you and your goals) It’s also part art. Your MBTI type will be used to increase the compatibility of your day-to-day interactions. Matches are based on your interests, preferences (age, gender, characteristics,) and MBTI. Feel free to mention anything you like in your intake session to make the match more successful. Also, if you have any “deal breakers” in relationships, please let your creative matchmaker know on the back end.

What if I don’t like my match?

If your match is not working for you, please contact your creative matchmaker right away. Together, we will determine the next steps. Next steps may include, a mediated conversation with the creative matchmaker, you, and your bestie. It could be more one-on-one time with your creative matchmaker, or it could be looking for a new match all together.

What if life happens and I can’t keep my commitment to my breakthrough bestie?

Life happens. Contact you’re creative matchmaker right away to make sure we can create an arrangement that is positive for both you and your bestie.