Breakthrough Besties

Good support makes all the difference.

Working solo on a creative endeavor can feel like you’re wearing an ill-fitting bra. All day, you have to pull yourself up. You’re constantly adjusting. Your confidence wanes.

Instead, you need the kind of support that lifts you up. That makes you feel like a million dollars because as an artist, designer, filmmaker, girl boss, leader, musician, painter, or writer, you work with way to little credit or glory. Sigh.

You need a working wing(wo)man… a cheerleader.

You need someone to check in with weekly. A friend who can listen to your wining, help you pick yourself up, and then get back to the important work.

You need someone who understands your work. Your obstacles.

You need someone who you don’t have to explain what a query letter is or why you need to create a business plan.

You need someone who gets IT.

You need a breakthrough bestie.

Studies show that friendships boost work satisfaction by 50% and increase productivity.

Breakthrough Besties is an online process to help you do just that. It’s a guided process where you are introduced to your creative match – your breakthrough bestie. Together, you establish the foundation to sustaining long-term energy towards achieving creative goals.

StockSnap_X7N0RWHZ6OYou and your partner receive weekly agendas, exercises, tools, and training to move you from acquaintances, to friends, to breakthrough bestie – all while exploring best practices to help you achieve your goal:

  • Learn the in’s and out’s of peer coaching. Learn to be a friend to someone else… and more importantly you and your goals.
  • Establish and sign an agreement for working with your breakthrough bestie. Not only decide of the logistics of when and where to meet… discuss and document what you need to be successful breakthrough besties.
  • Don’t be a “yes” (wo)man. Learn how to give and receive fabulous and fierce feedback.
  • Gain access to resources and your creative tribe to help you achieve your goal.
  • Make significant progress on your goal. Win. Feel the success of achievement.

When you have a breakthrough bestie, you put more on the line than just your work. Now you have a relationship that creates more accountability and support at stake.

Ever wanted to let a friend down? No.

Are you ready for more satisfaction and more productivity? Abso-freakin-lutely!

It’s Time to Find Your Breakthrough Bestie If…




You’re done feeling stuck in a rut. You’re excuses are starting to sound ridiculous. “I couldn’t type because I superglued my fingers together.” “I can’t paint/work/write when my house is a disaster.” You’re ready to stop wasting time. “After I balance my checkbook, then I’ll start my biz/film/composition/etc.” It’s time to stop bargaining with yourself. You’re done with feeling “meh”. You’re tired of dreaming and ready to meet your (important) goals. “I don’t ever finish anything… except for bing watching Orange is the New Black”.
You finally discover a creative ally, a work wing(wo)man… who can help you over the creative hurdles and move past our personal barriers. It’s time to choose progress. You see endless possibilities for getting “it” done. You know the steps to make the most of your time. Besides, you’ll now have a bestie check-in and to check you. Finish your creative project and flourish with authentic confidence. Feel the success of completing your creative project and helping someone do the same.

Invest in You: Find Your Breakthrough Bestie

Installments: 4 payments of $59

Full payment: $200

(Pay in full and save!)

Registration closes January 15. Class size is limited. Each participant is matched with a Breakthough Bestie. Matches are assigned a learning group. There is a limit to 12 – 16 besties (or 6 – 8 breakthrough bestie pairs) in a learning group.